Don't Sleep on these West Michigan Food Trucks


Your guests, more than anything else, are looking forward to the food. Yes, your marriage is something to be celebrated. Yes, you look great in your dress/tux. Yes, your estranged cousin will get cut off before the dancing even starts. But no celebration is a happy one when your guests are hungry. For them, they can’t wait to see what feast you have planned for them. 

Wedding trends come and go, but the resilience of the food truck has proven it is here to stay–and we’re here for it. While some venues won’t negotiate away from their list of approved vendors, many are catching on to the street food craze. Grand Rapids is something of a foodie town, and its food trucks represent just that. From tacos and falafels to waffles on a stick, you’re sure to find something to impress your guests.

Not sure where to start? We do. Check out the list below.

Patty Matters

Voted one of the top food trucks in the area, Patty knows what Matters (ugh, we know). With an impressive menu featuring everything from beef and chorizo to fish and black bean, there’s no shortage of options. Choose from a number of chef-prepared options or opt to build your own. If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend the Spicy Peanut Butter…trust us on this one.

Getting Fresh/Roll Call

With a revamped look and brand, Roll Call still embodies the same flavor impact and greatness it offered throughout its past. With Instagrammable plating and food options, your food will be just as popular as your decor and party vibes. Selections are inspired globally from street food and rolled up into delicious next-level handhelds.

Tamales Mary

Tacos, burritos, tortas, elote, of course—tamales. Serving up authentic Mexican cuisine and a reputation for out-of-this-world tamales, this is one option that will have your guests visiting either one of their locations in the near future. No matter your choice, we highly recommend grabbing an elote as a side. Seriously—grab one.

Slow’s BBQ

As the name implies, this food truck offers the low-and-slow approach of the definitive crowd-pleaser, BBQ. If you’re going big for your wedding, this is a great option. Offering ribs, pulled pork, brisket, smoked drumsticks and even some vegetarian options, Slows BBQ has something for everyone.

Waffle Stix

While the name implies waffles, Waffle Stix goes far beyond the ordinary breakfast option. Their savory menu features some crazy and very delicious options, such as the Pepperoni PIzza, Bacon Jack, Jalapeno Jack, and Crispy Dog, all of which are stuffed inside of a pizza dough before undergoing the waffle treatment...and then put on a stick. Genius. 

Of course, they also offer options for your sweet tooth, such as the Turtle Stix, Traditional Belgian, or the PB & Chocolate.

Olys Donuts

Looking to give in to your sweet tooth? Well, look no further. Oly’s Donuts has the mini fried-dough of your dreams with their yummy toppings, affordable prices, and perfect portioning. You will not be disappointed with this find. Catch them at Food Truck Fridays to pregame for your next booking.

Loves Ice Cream

What is a party without a good ole fashioned ice cream truck, and a cute ice cream truck at that? Love’s Ice Cream has both vegan and dairy options for your guests and creates flavors local to the Grand Rapids area while sticking to a few of the basics.

Stovetop Coffee Roasters

Not everyone is looking to indulge in the open bar, sometimes you need a little caffeine buzz to get you through the afternoon. Stovetop Roasters has brought their popular Fulton location on the road, with baristas on the go. Get your jolt of energy and immaculate coffee shop vibes brought right to your venue!

Don’t shy away from bringing a new take to the catering game. If you’re planning an event to remember, make sure you get every last detail—and don’t sleep on the food. Your guests will appreciate you.


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