How to Plan the Best Company Holiday Party


The thing about a company holiday party is that you either love it or you hate it. Muddled expectations, lackluster decor, and small talk are all less than ideal. We’ve helped out with a few of these, so we definitely know how to throw a party the right way. Need help? Our guide to hosting a holiday party for your employees is waiting below.

What’s the Vibe?

The first thing that needs to happen is solidifying your ideal party expectations. Is it casual, bring your dancing shoes type of night, or more cocktail hour-esque with champagne flutes and classical music? Either way, keep your guests informed and up to speed on what they can expect. There’s no need to worry about the dress code when it’s laid out plain and simple. 

Do you need luxurious table settings or a fun photo booth with a backdrop? If you’re not quite sure, we’ve put together some solid parties and have inspiration here.

Spice Up the Night

To make a lasting impression on your guests, it isn’t a bad idea to have a fun activity or unique staple to your event. Whether it’s an ugly sweater contest (those never get old), a white elephant gift exchange, or Christmas carol karaoke, give your team something to laugh about. 

On a sweet treat note, try a hot chocolate bar or cookie decorating contest. Dress up our bar pieces and give your guests the range to create any chocolatey concoction for their sweet tooth! Whatever you decide, make sure it leaves a memory and changes the status quo for the typical holiday party.

Celebrate your Team!

Remember that a holiday party is all about celebrating the accomplishments of your team and business. Express gratitude and appreciation for the hard work each individual puts into their job. The holiday season is the perfect time to give and celebrate, so remember to keep that at the core of your get together. You and your team deserve the time to let loose and enjoy a celebration!

Leave it to Us

We don’t blame you if our tips and tricks weren’t enough to get your party plans solidified. It takes a lot of work, so know that we’re here to help. At Alpine Events, we can plan your holiday party, set it up, and assist with everything in between. Contact us today to get the party started!

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