Outdoor Wedding Must-Haves


So you want an outdoor wedding, huh? No problem. We specialize in all of it. With a little assistance from our Pinterest board, Instagram or catalog, we know we can help. If that isn’t enough, swing by the showroom and get up-and-close with our take on outdoor wedding must-haves.


No outdoor wedding is complete without the perfect chairs for your guests to relax in. Fortunately for you, we stock chairs that don't sacrifice fashion for function. Take a look at some of our wooden chairs that work for any occasion. Let your guests look amazing and feel good while doing it. 

Cocktail Tables

Having a place for your guests to stand is just as important as a place for them to land. Dress your cocktail tables up with some linens from our selection or keep it simple with a classic centerpiece or floral arrangement. Tables are awesome--but don't neglect your standing areas!


We know that you know what we know how to do a tent...right? Right. Yes, we know our stuff when it comes to tents. We have a massive selection that fits any occasion, from white and small to clear with walls. Pick the one that suits your needs. It's an outdoor wedding--give your guests the gift of shade!

Social Moments

Give your guests the best of the best with a selfie moment to remember. Curate your own wooden wall and tie it into your theme to match your wedding aesthetic. A simple wooden wall and a polaroid will give your guests something to talk about. No need to spend all that money for a photo-booth. Make your day stand out in the little ways that everyone will remember--and what better way than with a photo opp?

Why do the bare minimum? We're here to help take your wedding to the next level. Reach out to us today (or any day) to see how we can help you with the little things. It's what we do. 

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