Navigating Social Distancing at Your Summer Event


As the summer event season swiftly approaches, one of the most important decisions you need to make is deciding how you will host and accommodate your guests, while also taking safety precautions and COVID restrictions into consideration. Although planning an event in these difficult times may be daunting, don’t despair! There are many ways to safely navigate event planning this season.

Here are some helpful tips surrounding location, table spacing, and capacity that you should consider when planning for your big day or special event this year. 

Explore outdoor options

When planning your event, lean towards choosing outdoor setups, as they allow for greater air ventilation, more spacing, and help eliminate the crowding of guests. All of these factors make tents an excellent consideration for your next event; they are perfect for maintaining the air circulation you need to create a safe and comfortable environment. 

An Alpine team member sets up a tent

Distance seating and tables 

It’s essential to maintain a spaced-out seating arrangement and social areas so guests don’t crowd. This can be done by spacing out your tables six feet apart and having six chairs or less at a table. Also, seating your guests by household bubbles is a great way to keep families together without intermingling with the rest of the crowd. 

People mingling outside a tent in low light.

Consider alternate seating 

To add a fun and rustic touch to your event aesthetic, use benches or sofas as a way to help maintain social distance by seating two-household bubbles together. Consider making seating arrangements for your rows to keep these family bubbles grouped and add a touch of personalization with hanging name signs.

Table setting and flower arrangement on a table.

The bottom line is, there is no need to sweat your event this summer! No matter what the occasion, there are ways to help traverse these unusual times. We here at Alpine Events are eager and waiting to help make your big day or celebration a safe, stunning, and spectacular event to remember. Please reach out to our team to help plan your special day.

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