The Fancy Dinner Party Survival Guide


The time has finally come–you’ve been invited to your first fancy dinner party. Attending a party in which there will be fancy wine and cheese, expensive dinner chats, and decorations lining the walls like you couldn’t believe may not be your ideal evening. While dressing to the nines and putting on a show for the masses may not be what you were looking for, it is what you’re working with. If you’re here, you may not know how best to handle this scenario or maybe you just need a refresher on the ins and outs of having a ball within the ball. Either way, we are here to provide our event attendance expertise.


Do not, we repeat, do NOT clash with the event colors. If we teach you nothing else in this blog, please take that key piece of advice. The appropriate attire for your event is the key to assimilating, fitting in or standing out. Ask your host how best you can be a showstopper at your next elaborate event. Asking about the colors will help you coordinate how you’re going to stand out. You don’t want to be the only one clashing with the table linens. Be the looker we know you can be!


Don’t leave your attendance up to chance, let the host know you’re coming! RSVPing to the Google calendar event, email invite, or traditional invitation lets the host know you understand the assignment. Make sure that you mark your calendar as well as the host’s calendar. This  will help give the host as much time as possible to prepare for your attendance. Besides, it’s rude to show up unannounced!

Table Manners (tableware)

We don’t all have the funds or time to attend an etiquette class. However, putting in the time to ensure you know all that you need to know prior to attending your event shows real class (and it’s all about class here). A simple YouTube search or quick Google check can do the trick. Familiarize yourself with the serving dishes and flatware that may be at your dinner table in order to recognize what food may be served and which flatware to use according to the meal. Don’t be the only one not in the know–understand the inner workings of the event to the best of your abilities in order to have the best time possible.  


If you’re like us, the life of the party never just falls into your lap. Get to know the guests at the event and mingle! There’s no fun at a fancy party without the help of chatting with fellow fancy-party goers. Huddle around a tabletop or dinner table and get the conversation going. Whether you are standing up or sitting down, you’ll find comfort in creating conversation with people rather than biding your time.

The fancy dinner party doesn’t have to be a drag. Make the most out of the party by adding to the experience in any way that you know how. Looking to host your own party?  Give us a shout for any and all ambiance additions to help elevate your own fancy dinner party!

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