Three People You Always Meet at a Wedding


Weddings are where everyone you’ve ever met lands up in the same place. So, we figured we’d give you a rundown of what to expect even though you’re probably all too familiar with them. Let’s meet the highlights of the guest list!

The Drunk Uncle

He’s not the boring uncle, he’s the fun, chill, and always-having-a-good-time uncle — and that’s why we love him (most of the time). Although the entire family cautioned him on how many Bud Lights he was “sipping” on, he can’t help but have “just one more”. It’s fun for the friends and the plus-ones out on the dance floor. Ole’ Uncle Al is busting a move with all the bridesmaids, but unfortunately for the rest of the family… Christmas might be a little awkward next year.

Even though he embarrasses himself, the Drunk Uncle always has the warmest wishes for a lifetime of happiness for the happy couple. How sweet.

The Rambunctious Cousin

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a spunky cousin. They keep things exciting, especially come the big day. Maybe they’re in charge of telling guests where to park or ushering everyone in; regardless, their boisterous energy keeps the day’s vibes at perfection. 

They’re the ones who are down for a shot, a toast, and the Cupid Shuffle. We said it ourselves in our Bangers and Flops Wedding Playlist blog. The Cupid Shuffle and the kooky cousin know what’s up.

Some Dude Sneaking in a Fifth of Rumple Minze

And our personal favorite — this guy! Is he a random plus one, the mother of the bride’s new boyfriend, or a wedding crasher? We seriously have no idea, but he knows how to party and act as everyone’s entertainment. While he’ll probably get a little too close so you can smell the sweet peppermint schnapps on his breath, at least he spices things up a little.

So, looking for the picture-perfect wedding that brings all three of these people together? Give us a shout and we’ll be ready for you. 

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