West Michigan Venues and What Craft Beer They Are


They say you can get a glimpse of someone’s personality by looking at what beer they drink.

Okay, maybe we just say that, but you get the gist. We’re applying that logic to our own industry, specifically which Michigan venues represent which Michigan craft beers. This is all in good fun, no bad reactions are required. 

Sit back, take notes (and sips), and enjoy. 

Felt Mansion - New Holland Brewing, Dragon’s Milk

With a venue as regal as Felt, you need a brew that is going to fit the bill. Notes of coffee and chocolate, and undertones of vanilla and oak from bourbon barrels are enough to satisfy the extravagant taste you and your guests may have when it comes to your drink preferences. Say yes to this darker brew for you and your crew.

Millennium Park - Founder’s, All Day IPA

Do we really need to explain this match made in heaven? This high-energy beverage is just as ready to party as its venue counterpart. Have fun in the sun with a view and a pick-me-up when you choose this IPA staple for your gathering in the park.

Black River Barn - Atwater Brewing, The Atwater Lager 

A traditional approach to beer with a twist is all we can ask for from this iconic duo. With light floral hints and the standard low-temperature brew, your attendees will be lining up at the bar for this Michigan-made lager.

John Ball Zoo - The Mitten, Mitten Pale Ale

It only seems right to include an ale for this foresty venue. Though we are not judging the season you drink your beer in, the fruity undertones of this ale in particular are perfect for a nature-focused venue. Keep the tree huggers in your life happy by marrying all that nature has to offer with this combination. 

Apple Blossom - BREWERY VIVANT, Farm Hand

This o.g. is bound to impress your friends and family, while catering to everyone's palette no matter the difference in craft favorite. Pair this with food, or indulge on its own, you may not have seen this brew and venue parking coming, but they’re a force to be reckoned with. 

Village of Spring Lake - Bell’s, Bell’s Oberon Ale

A wedding on the water calls for a summertime favorite and Bell’s Oberon Ale volunteers as tribute. Take a dip into a warm weather breeze, beach day swim, or sunbathe on a hot day all from the sip of one ale, you can’t beat that! This partnership between ale and lake is not only perfect in every way, but it is also imperative for your outdoor celebration.

Saugatuck Center for the Arts - Saugatuck Brewing Co.,  Blueberry Lemonade Shandy

While we are discussing outdoor-based venues and fun summer beverages we can’t sleep on a good ole’ fashion shandy. Blueberry, lemonade, and a two-for-one Saugatuck plug? Hand us our gold star because we are killing the craft suggestions (you’re welcome).

Camp Blodgett - Jolly Pumpkin, Coco Mango Sunrise

The vibrant energy of this venue brings you back to childhood vacations outdoors, and the Coco Mango Sunrise has a similar effect. Tap into your inner child with summer flavors bound to transport you back to beach days with your loved ones, tropical fruit, and coconut notes in this fruited gosé will be a crowd favorite.

Are you as thirsty as we are after getting the scoop on all of the amazing flavors Michigan brewers have to offer? Get 20% off your bar setup selections for your December event and a place for your craft beer selections all in one with us. Party planning or not, we hope you have gained a few ideas for satisfying your guests' drink needs at your next party. 

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