Planning a Wedding in 6 Months


If you’re currently reading this blog, chances are you might be just a teensy bit behind in your wedding planning. You’re in luck because as usual we have your back and are eager to help. Not quite sure where to begin? We can take the lead and work with you through EVERYTHING. 

Think of us as your bestie, always at the ready to talk you off the ledge and ply you with lots of chocolate.

Month 1 & 2: start with the basics 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your wedding. All good things take time, begin the process with must-haves and necessities. Nail down your budget, decide when and where you want your special day, and secure your biggest vendors *cough* Alpine Events. 

Move onto the guest list, set up your registry, and reach out to an event planner if you want extra assistance.

month 3 & 4: The devil is in the details

At Alpine Events, we love the details. What does your celebration need? A tent for guests to dance the night away? Soft lighting and drapery for an elegant ambiance? An incredible tablescape with to dies for flatware and linens

You can rely on us for your day-of White Glove Service, but don’t forget to set up any hair and makeup tutorials, solidify wedding party plans, and send out the formal invites. We promise to make things as painless as possible and create the wedding of your dreams.

month 5: Make it a moment

Take a break from the planning and let yourself soak in the excitement. You deserve all the wedding showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and congratulations! The details and basics alike should be checked off with only finishing touches left. Order the marriage license, finalize day-of appointments, and start on any special gifts for your loved ones. 


It’s time! In the weeks leading up to your celebration, finalize plans and confirm with all vendors. Create a timeline of the day’s festivities and you’ll feel confident it’ll go off without a hitch! Hard work pays off, and this is when you can truly enjoy it.

We are here to help with all your wedding needs this coming year and for years to come. From tents and draping to tables, chairs, linens, tableware, and more, we have what you need. From now until the end of January, you can secure your 2022 wedding date for only 10% down. Get a quote or reach out to us today and lock down your dream wedding date today!

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