The Graduation Party Checklist


From the party invitation down to the overall ambiance of the event, take the time to appreciate the accomplishment of graduating. We know it can be hard to cultivate a space to your liking without breaking the budget. So, let us assist!


Everyone who's anyone knows that décor is everything. Adding accessories to your event avoids feeling too “cookie cutter.” Get creative with the tables you use for food and drinks. Creating fun and unique tablescapes goes a long way.  String lighting adds another layer of ambiance and can bring the atmosphere together. Don’t wait for your venue to do everything for you, give your everyday items some personality!

Creative Drinks

Have the obvious waters, pop, and juices–yes. However, creating a drink particular to your event will make you the trend setter of your graduating class. DIY mocktails/cocktails via Pinterest, getting experiential in the kitchen with beverages you already have, or creating something that reminds you of yourself or your graduate. Not only is the content of the drink important, but the presentation as well. Dress up your drink of choice with some glassware, tea server, or coffee maker. Give the people what they want and look good while doing it!

Photo Ops

Why have a photobooth when you can have a photo wall or even a photo archway? Create an Instagram worthy photo opp space for you and your guests. Photo walls are an open invitation for guests to participate at your party. Grab some flowers, a couple of polaroids and get snapping! Fun props and polaroids can differentiate you from simply snapping a photo on your phone. You can have your picture instantly and post it to the gram later–get innovative!

cards & gifts

A card box can be cool, but you’re already reading this so you're looking for more than cool. Step outside of the box with having a designated card area that is specific to you! If you are a fan of DIY décor, fashion together a card wall that your guests can attach their cards to. Fan of knick knacks? Go hunt for a birdcage at your local thrift store and have your guests place their cards in the birdcage upon arriving. Our event accessories can help in this department! Be you at your event through and through, down to the smallest details.

Now that we have coached you through a few grad party ideas we hope you feel inspired to make your grad party as you as possible. Remember, graduation is a huge accomplishment, let us help you flaunt it!

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