The Perfect Tablescapes


According to the season

Each wedding, event or gathering is special and typically alludes to the season. Make your guests feel in touch with the times by tying the season to the occasion. Whether it be a fall themed centerpiece, or a spring inspired floral arrangement, it can be welcoming to curate your gathering according to the season. Or just refer to our previous blog, because after all, we are masters when it comes to a seasonal theme.

Statement centerpiece

Go big with all of the accents by accentuating your centerpieces. A statement floral arrangement can add dimension to your tablescape and give your guests a little something to talk about. A themed centerpiece according to the aesthetic of your wedding i.e. succulents for a desert theme or terrariums for a forest theme. Spice it up and give your guests a conversation starter while they’re at the table.

Pattern blocking 

Liven things up with mixing and matching your colors, patterns and textures at your next event! Use complimentary colors rather than sticking to just one, add in patterned linens that complement your color scheme for the day. Make the décor fun for you and your guests in a burst of colorful or muted colors  that mismatch in a perfectly matching way. 


Everyone loves an all matching moment, from an all green table setting and arrangement, to a fully decked out table matched to your theme. Make your event the one to remember by coordinating your linens with your tableware, and your centerpieces with your strategically placed accents. Don’t let your guests guess what your theme is, let them know with the color of your choosing elevated through a variety of hues!

There are a multitude of ways you can plan your tablescape for any and every event, let us be one of them because when it comes to tablescapes, we know a thing or two!

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